Holistic Therapy and Depression

Depression is something we all experience at some point in our lives.

Many individuals present to health professionals self-diagnosing themselves with depression. Feeling depressed is a natural response to having a difficult day or hearing sad news. However, depression can be more severe and sustained when our whole energy and concentration is lowered, and we struggle to focus, believing ourselves to be worthless and useless. It is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, energy, feelings and behaviour.

Effects of Depression on your well being

Our bodies become exhausted and lacking in energy, causing us to lose motivation and enthusiasm towards the things we previously enjoyed in our lives. Our bodies may also manifest the physical components of depression in feelings of muscle tension, headaches, frequent weeping, difficulties sleeping and changes in appetite.

How therapy can help with depression

It is seldom that depression happens suddenly. More often, when we begin to look a little deeper, we see how the depression was gradually building over time. Many of the clients I have worked with suffering from depression had spent many years, for various reasons, denying or avoiding their feelings and emotions, dismissing their needs or desperately trying to avoid a painful aspect of themselves. Eventually, when this way of coping becomes unsustainable, it can feel as though all of their unacknowledged past hurts and disappointments come flooding to them all at once.

This therapeutic work helps you heal and transform old coping methods by restoring the body’s natural rhythm and vitality and will significantly help you recognise the body triggers that identify depression. As such, you will be able to manage it much more efficiently and compassionately.