What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body psychotherapy is similar to traditional therapy; however, it goes much deeper. Body psychotherapy focuses on the interactions between the body and the mind and helping the mind and body function in unison. This treatment approach is a versatile therapy that incorporates touch, breathing, and movement techniques to address a vast range of mental and physical health concerns.

How does Body Psychotherapy work?

Body psychotherapy is based on the concept that we experience the world around us not only with our thoughts and emotions but also simultaneously through our bodies. Essential Concepts of Body Psychotherapy Body & Mind: Our thoughts and feelings are integrated with our physical body experiences and sensations. Together, we will holistically address any concerns you may be experiencing.


The way our body’s energy is stored and released plays an important role in how we carry ourselves, experience, and heal from pain, and interact with the world. I pay attention to your energy flow and release, muscle pulsation and contraction, and energy charge and discharge throughout your treatment.

Body Memory

This is based on the premise that memories can be stored within the body. What does that mean?

Well, some memories can’t be processed through talk therapy, but they can be released through bodywork and other physical techniques


Traumatic experiences can create energy build-up, or blockages, that lead to physical and mental health concerns.

We will work together to help release your mind and body from a past trauma you’re holding onto.

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