Biodynamic Massage Therapist

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Before becoming a biodynamic massage therapist in Dublin, I resided in Italy, my birth country. I have spent the last fourteen years in Dublin, where I live with my husband Paolo and my three cats.

I am a biodynamic massage therapist and a fully accredited body psychotherapist associated with the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre  however, before I found my passion for body psychotherapy, I worked for 10+ years in the corporate world. I have realized how little integration there is between body and mind as it seems we are forever running after something instead of being present with ourselves.

Since I am passionate about a more holistic approach to life, and I firmly believe that life reflects what we feel, I aim to help you reconnect with your true self. If you’d like to work with me or have any questions, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can also visit for more info about me.