The Importance Of Touch

Touch deprivation is real. Is your body hungry for attention? We’re taking a deep dive into the remarkable importance of human touch.

We are wired to be touched. From the day we are born until our last days, our inherent need for physical touch remains. But what happens when we don’t experience enough skin-to-skin contact? Touch is critical to our mental, emotional, and physical health.

What Do We Need To Know?

We need to feel touch – whether it’s a big bear hug from someone close, a reassuring handshake, a gentle squeeze of the hand, a quick kiss from a loved one, or even the vigorous kneading of a professional masseur. We need the comfort, kinship, the feelings of security, and the prevailing emotional and physical health advantages that come by being touched in responsible and appropriate ways.

The Many Powers Of Touch:

As infants, touch is our first means of communication. It’s the first language we learn, and touch is a newborn baby’s first sense to develop. Touch can help nurture our relationships and overall well-being throughout the entire duration of our lives.

Here are some things that touch is capable of:

Communication – Using touch as a language gives us a unique ability to communicate without saying a word. Emotions like compassion, gratitude, anger, love, and fear can often be interpreted solely using touch as the means of communication.

Reduces Stress – When we feel overwhelmed, our bodies release the stress hormone cortisol. Touch can help soothe this physiological stress response. Once our bodies are less stressed out, our immune systems work better, we can think clearer, and our heart rates slow down.

Encourages Togetherness – Wanted affection releases oxytocin, which you may know as “the cuddle chemical.” Although, you don’t necessarily need to curl up on the sofa with your loved one to release oxytocin. Touch helps nurture feelings of trust and connectedness. Did you know just 20 seconds of (wanted) touching is enough to trigger the release of oxytocin!

Do You lack Physical Touch?

How do you know if you’re touch-starved? While there’s no exact way to know, feeling overwhelmingly lonely is often a tell-tale sign.

Symptoms of loneliness may be combined with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Low relationship satisfaction
  • Trouble sleeping

How Can You Start Feeling The Benefits Of Touch?

Touch can come in so many different forms. Like we mentioned above, a hug or holding someone’s hand may be enough to fill your natural need for touch. But for others, it may not be enough. A Biodynamic massage is a psychotherapeutic massage technique where the massage therapist focuses on the client’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

Visit us at Ithaca to experience the difference a biodynamic massage can make. We look forward to having you!